By Nouck

ByNouck, a renowned jewelry brand, offers personalized and handmade creations crafted with care in the Netherlands.

ByNouck enlisted ASC Digital to fully harness its Marketplace potential. The goal: rapidly and effectively increase international revenue by integrating new markets.


By Nouck is a fast growing brand facing no major obstacles, except its ambition to continue growing. The marketplace channel is perfectly suited for this purpose.


ASC adopted a strategic approach by carefully selecting the items to offer on the marketplaces, combining sufficient selling prices with strong sales potential.


Due to its positioning, the brand's average basket size is relatively low. Therefore, it was essential to ensure the profitability of the Marketplace sales channel.


By Nouck is already present on over 7 marketplaces and generates revenue. We are now entering the exciting phase of launching intra-Marketplace marketing campaigns.

marketplace revenue € in the first 3 months
marketplaces onboarded
exciting growth ahead.

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