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Sacha Alunni - CEO of ASC Digital

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Sacha Alunni

I am Sacha Alunni, 29 years old, and a young ambitious entrepreneur. With unwavering confidence, I donned my CEO cape after completing my Master's at HEC in 2021, thereby launching ASC Digital. I give it my all, 24/7.

Shanghai to Brussels

Shanghai left a lasting impression on me. As a Business Developer, I was captivated by its dynamism and ultra-fast e-commerce for over a year and a half. This experience was like diving into the future and a revelation for me. Upon returning, I knew exactly what to do.

Fashion/Lifestyle focus

During my studies, I had the opportunity to do a long-term internship at a rapidly expanding Belgian ready-to-wear brand, particularly in the Marketplace domain. It was a revelation for me, and I decided to create ASC Digital.

And today?

Faced with the growing enthusiasm for the services offered by ASC Digital, I gathered a team of consultants with similar profiles to mine. Our motto? "You think it's impossible? Well, that certainly piques our interest!

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